im Zerkleinern und Brikettieren

From the residual substance to the valuable material

Practical uses of briquette and shredding technology

Illustration: Shredder GAZ 62 with flexible screw conveyor in briquetting press

Briquette press GP 150 tandem with cyclone

Pallet shredding - large wood grinder and single-shaft shredder GAZ 102 S - wood pallets for wood chips

Large single-shaft shredder GAZ 132 wood shredding, material transport via conveyor belt in briquetting press

Wood shredder, wood shredder, wood chipper with conveyor belt and magnetic roller

System with a pre-shredder, material discharge with conveyor belt and material feed
in a four-shaft shredder of the GZ series for re-shredding.

Briquette press for briquetting styrofoam dust, material discharge via transport tube into container, compact briquettes made of styrofoam in the container

Combi systems with a single-shaft shredder of the GAZ series, which feeds the shredded material directly for briquetting in a briquetting press of the Genius series.

GAZ single-shaft shredder with conveyor belt for material discharge. Green machine is a special painting according to customer requirements.

GAZ single-shaft shredder Herkules and GAZ K for plastic shredding

GAZ single-shaft shredder with long conveyor belt

System four-shaft shredder GZ 50 for shredding waste wood. Material feed and material discharge via conveyor belts.

Single-shaft shredder for shredding residual wood and briquetting press for briquetting the wood chips into dimensionally stable briquettes for space-saving storage.

The briquettes are fed directly into a lattice box for further storage via a pipe extension.

GROSS GAZ K 82 S with L-band and overband magnet for document shredding and hard disk shredding.

Single-shaft shredder GAZ 102 with suction and a magnetic separator
Briquetting press series GP installed under a filter system

Single-shaft shredder GAZ 82 S mounted on a frame above a container
Single-shaft shredder GAZ 182 with belt and magnetic roller

GROSS GAZ shredder in various installation options, frame, in a pit and under floor