im Zerkleinern und Brikettieren

From the residual substance to the valuable material

Practical uses of briquette and shredding technology

Wood shredder, wood chippers, wood-cutter with conveyor belt with magnetic roller

Facility with a shredder, material discharge with conveyor and material object in a four-shaft shredder GZ Series for shredding.

Briquette press for briquetting of styrofoam dust, material discharge via conveyor tube in container, in the container compact briquettes made of styrofoam

Four-shaft shredder system GZ 50 for shredding wood waste. Material feed and discharge material on conveyor belts.

Single shaft comminuted for shredding of wood waste and a briquetting press briquettes the chipped material to form stable briquettes for space-saving storage.


The briquettes are placed directly over an extension tube into a skeleton for further storage.

GROSS GAZ 82 S with L-band and over band magnet for document destruction and hard-disk shredding.


Briquetting press Genius ll linked with small filtering unit, in addition with a single shaft shredder of the series GAZ 62


GAZ 62 in a carpenter's workshop and Single Shaft Shredder GAZ 82 S 30 KW for cutting up larger quantities of chip board remainders and veneers Execution: 2te measurer row (measurer concave) quick, hydraulics, safety package, segment soil, point/tooth border at the slidegate valve, container increase


GAZ 82 S remainder wood shredder set up in a carpentry, to cutting up of remainder wood, bar remainders of the scantling gathering, OSB plates

GAZ 82 in use in the furniture manufacturing with custom funnel (soundproof, double-walled) material feed via conveyor belt of the wood-processing machine, material discharge via suction