im Zerkleinern und Brikettieren


Briquetting press GP Genius 2/50, 2/60, 2/70

Briquetting presses for volume reduction and production of heating material

The GP Genius series was developed for briquetting chips and dusts especially. These high-performance, robust and high-quality machines compress homogenous material to form com-pact briquettes. Due to its highly effective hydraulic system, their wattage is extremely low considering their briquetting output.
The machine is extremely silent, requires only little room and can be set up almost anywhere. With the automated material feed, no operating staff is necessary.
The machines have been designed as system components and can therefore be easily customised.


Filling cylinder with damped end bearing and dust-tight filling shaft.

Agitator, conveyor worm supercharger and level sensor inside

Nonwearing electronic sensors

Adjustable pressure

Easy transport


Transport pipe connection


Mode of Operation
Material is fed into the hopper (holds about 1 m³) manually or with a filtering installation. The agitator continuously fills the channel of the spiral output. The conveyor then transports the material to the pre-compressor. A hydraulic fill pusher then pushes the material into the actual press chamber. The pressing tongs that are also hydraulically controlled, compress the material in connection with a specially hardened press cylinder and provide excellent briquette quality.
Compression is performed without binding agents.


Volume reduction up to 90 %

2,5 kg wood briquettes ~ 1 l heating oil
1 t wood briquettes ~ 400 l heating oil

Applications Material suited for briquetting: Advantages of volume reduction: With the continuous production of waste material it makes sense and becomes necessary to provide for their appropriate and efficient disposal.

Technical data:

2 / 50 2 / 60 2 / 70
Throughput (approx. kg/h)*: 40 60 50 70 60 90
Briquette-Ø (mm): 50 60 70
Hydraulic motor (kW): 5,5 5,5 7,5
Agitator motor (kW): 0,5 0,5 0,5
Worm rotor (kW): 0,6 0,6 0,6
Oil quantity (approx. l): 100 100 100
Weight (approx.. kg): 700 750 850

* The throughput rate depends on the material.
All models are supplied complete with hydraulic oil as well as safety switches for oil temperatures and the PLC for fully automatic operation.
Demonstrations and tests with your materials are possible in our technical laboratory by prior agreement.