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Briquetting press GP 150

No.: GM 20/02
Manufacturer: Gross GM 20/02
Power: 11 kW
Price: € 19.500,00


Briquette Diameter: 70 mm
Power: 11 kW
Press Output per hour: 120 to 160 kg/h
Hopper opening: 1,40 x 1,40m
Controlled by PLC
Hydraulic tank: 250l
Used machine, factory tested,
List price of a comparable new machine: 29.760,00 €

The briquetting press GP Genius series was developed for briquetting chips and dusts especially. These high-performance, robust and high-quality machines compress homogenous material to form compact briquettes.
Due to its highly effective hydraulic system, their wattage is extremely low considering their briquetting output.
The briquetting press is extremely silent, requires only little room and can be set up almost anywhere. With the automated material feed, no operating staff is necessary by the briquetting press.