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Shredder grinder GAZ Herkules

No.: GM17/39
Manufacturer: Gross GM 17/39
Power: 55 kW
Price: € 61.000,00


Big used machine, with a big opening, overhauled,
Feed opening: 1500x 1600 mm
Rotor length: 1500 mm
Rotor diameter: 500 mm
Profiled rotor
Tools: 74 knives 35 x 35 mm
Controlled by PLC
Hydraulic tank size: 50l 2,2kW

The machine is fitted with a large filling hopper and can be loaded by conveyor belt, fork lift, crane or wheel-loader. This funnel can be adapted to suit individual requirements and guarantees a continuous and economical supply of material without any need for manual assistance

The hydraulically controlled pusher feeds the material to be shredded automatically into the rotor’s cutting chamber by load-related controls. The material-related setting of the pusher control is load related on the control cabinet by key switch. The internal pusher guides are made of highly non-abrasive plastic ( Polyamide ) and can be adjusted. The hydraulic cylinders are mounted on universal joints in order to avoid lateral forces on the piston cups.

The patented and profiled V-Rotor made of full solid steel has a diameter of 482 mm and operates at a speed of 60 - 100 rpm depending on the material being processed. The concave ground, aggressive and 4-way rotating knives are mounted in knife pockets with special knife holders. For the first time, this enables a reduction of the cutting gap between the counter knife and the rotor and guarantees a high flow rate, low power consumption and maximum output of ground material.