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Single-Shaft-Grinder Type GAZ 102 22kW

No.: GM 23/06
Manufacturer: GROSS Apparatebau
Power: 22 kW
Price: € 29.950,00


Exhibition machine 22 kW, with 10 working hours
warranty 12 months
Feed opening: 1000 x 1000 mm
Rotor length: 1000 mm
Rotor diameter: 252 mm
V-Rotor for Hard Wood
Tools: 27 knives 40 x 40 mm
Controlled by PLC
Hydraulic tank size: 20 l

The robust GAZ series valuable substance
shredders shred materials such as
wood, cardboard, plastic and many others
economically and effectively. The shredders
can be adjusted according to customer
specific requirements for throughput
volume, material to be processed, etc.
The GAZ 62 series shredders are compact
and designed for high performance